Experience MynaTime


Use the built-in full-featured word processor to describe the exercise session you want. By constructing a series of Actions like:

  1. Bullet Perform 15 repps of dumbbell curls with 25 pounds for the right arm;

  2. Bullet Rest for 30 seconds;

  3. Bullet Do a second set of 15 repps with your right arm;

You can can create a workout of any style and length you wish. Spell checking is included along with styles, justification and spacing, what you expect from a modern word processor. Visit our Library to download free workouts.

SmartTime Your Session

Click Talk and MynaTime will speak your text, pausing to countdown at the end of each Action. If iTunes is playing music, the volume will automatically be lowered each time MynaTime needs to speak then raised so you can rock through your workout at full volume.

During playback you can pause, move to the next or previous action, or stop the session at any time. Visit the Gallery for a video demo.


Adjust MynaTime for your style of workout. From gentle chimes to heavy metal.

  1. Bullet Select a tone to chime at the end of each Action

  2. Bullet Turn chimes on or off

  3. Bullet Announce the Beginning and End of each Session

  4. Bullet Control MynaTime with your voice (when music is not playing)

  5. Bullet Set the length of a breath or repp to be used for time calculations

  6. Bullet Set the iTunes volume used while MynaTime is speaking

  7. Bullet Set the frame size for video recording

  8. Bullet Capture audio with your video

  9. Bullet Set the default calendar for Events

  10. Bullet Auto open the Event window when a Session completes.

  11. Bullet Set the colors of both timers and their background

Mynatime—For the the way you exercise.

MynaTime requires Mac OS X version 10.5 or later (Leopard).

Please visit our FAQ for more information.

Study Yourself to Improve

Use the Recorder to make a short video of a particular exercise and review it while you rest between sets, or record your entire workout for later analysis. Either way, improve your form quickly with QuickTime movies of your actions instead of struggling to see a mirror during your workout.

Watch how you lift weights, perform a yoga pose, or spin your stationary bicycle. Good form helps prevent injury and gets the most from your workout.

Keep Your Journal with One Click

Maintain a detailed record of your workout with a single click. The Event window will open automatically each time you finish a workout. The name, ending time and duration are automatically filled out, and your preferred calendar selected. Just add comments on how the day went, if you like, and keep a record of your workout in iCal with one click.

Put Your Workout in Your Pocket

MynaTime will convert your entire session, along with proper timing, to an audio file for your iPod.

If you drag songs* from iTunes to the Export window, they will be played during the silence between Actions so you can have your own workout music wherever you sweat.

*Only non-DRM M4A and MP3 files are currently supported.

Edit Your Session